Escort MK II skin templates

Hi there,


The skin templates:

Included 2048 and 4096 with a very basic AO bake (strongly recommend not use the old ao bake layer, cuz it’s original 1024 size and can give some artifacts like the black skin colors in the current GR4 version). I’m giving too the vector stripes I made as example, they can be redimensioned to 4096 without problems.

It’s important take a look here to understand the metallic and matte colors, where: = (Alpha white = visible, black = uses instead )(Our main texture) = (Tiled, can be carbon fiber for example) (found on S1 Metallic_blue skin folder) = (found on S1 Metallic_blue skin folder)

File Contents:

escort_template.psd — Body skin template for all 3 versions (save as with alpha)
escort_template_4096.psd — self explanatory — External glass — Internal glass — all lights and fog light cover — S1 wheel and blur variant — GR4 wheel and blur variant — STD wheel and blur variant

Donwload Link

Let me know if you guys need something more.

Have fun.

About Sovers

Freelancer 3D artist.
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4 Responses to Escort MK II skin templates

  1. RS201 says:

    Great thanks a lot. 🙂


  2. RS201 says:

    Hey there, i am sorry but i have to bother you again.
    Our small race series with your mod is going to start on this sunday.

    While testing your car we noticed that the tyres won’t last longer than 15 laps which is pretty short.
    Is it possible for you to provide some hard slicks until sunday? ^^

    This would be great. 🙂

    Btw, this is my skin for our series.

    Have a nice day!


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