AC Virtual Button Box ( Roccat power-grid)

Hi folks,
I just made a virtual button box using Roccat power-grid and decided to share it.

PG donwload:

My Button box

Just install power grid windows client, install the app (android/ios) and download and execute my grid (ac button box).

And how it looks like in a 7″ android tablet

7″ Tablet view

Hope you guys enjoy.

About Sovers

Freelancer 3D artist.
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4 Responses to AC Virtual Button Box ( Roccat power-grid)

  1. orbit4l says:

    Really good job one more time, i use power-grid since long time so its perfect with my tablette 🙂

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  2. Michele says:

    This is amazing! Thank you very much for this. 🙂
    I’ll give you some well deserved bucks for this and the mods you’re developing.
    Just wondering if there’s a chance to add the drivers list in order to switch to the camera on the desired one without the need to cycle through all of them one by one.
    That, along with the camera buttons already there, would be perfect for online broadcasting. 😀


    • Sovers says:

      Michele, thank you so much for your help :D. About the buttons, it’s only possible if the desired command have it’s own keyboard shortcut. In camera commands for example we unfortunately have to circle all with one shortcut (f1, f2, f6).


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