Zakspeed Escort GR.5 DRM Download (Update v0.4.1)

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This is the only place authorized to distribute this, and all sites/youtube/whatever must link this blog.


Hi there!

Happy new year! A bit late of course, but at least it’s january yet 😛

Well, this is a graphics only update introducing the BBS “turbofans”.
I love this things so I decided to make them for the zak escort 🙂 they were used back in the day exactly like in the first picture of this post, so its not too off to use them in the car. It’s optional and default is without them.

Another thing you may noticed is since now all links will go through if you lay the mouse over the url there a hint if you are not used to it.


*Download link at the end of this post.

If you have any suggestions, doubts, requests or just want to say thanks leave a comment. Just don’t ask for more cars


Joshkerr – Marlboro, Monster_Energy (B/W), Guinness, Jägermeister, LiquiMoly_White
Orbit4L – Zakspeed_Mampe_HHeyer
Wilmer Chavez – Ford_Gulf_Racing, Zakspeed_Mampe_1, Zakspeed_Mampe_2

Po Linii Mod Team


Know issues/ TODO:

– Transparency sorting (glass)
– Not entirely happy with the damage (not final)
– Proper and unique interior model for turbo version (the N/A interior is ok, just need some more polishment)
– Interior materials still wip
– No lod models
– No Lowres interior model
– I’ll update this list when I remember the rest of the things


Alpha 0.4.1

– New Brake callipers (model/textures)
– New seats/belts texture and normal maps
– New “turbofans” for BBS wheels (model/textures)
– New uvmap for wheels
– New textures and normal maps for wheels
– Now the wheels can be painted in different colours Front/back (ex. monster energy liveries)
– Updated livery previews
– Adjustments in some liveries
– Added 4 new liveries (New ford stealth, 2 variations of mampe and 1 of JPS)
– Some adjustments in the whole model
– Some material changes/adjustments
– Rebuild the livery icons

TurboFans \o/


Wheels with different colours


Fans only in the front

New livery


Download linkIf you liked it, consider to make a donation 🙂

Skin templates: link (updated)

Important Note: Delete the old version of this mod. Make a clean install.

About Sovers

Freelancer 3D artist.
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24 Responses to Zakspeed Escort GR.5 DRM Download (Update v0.4.1)

  1. Mister T says:

    Hi Sovers :),
    nice Update, just as i finished the historical accurate skins for substitution 😛
    Where can i contact you and send a download link with the first bundle? (no facebook 😉 )


  2. Mister T says:

    Hi Sovers :),
    thank you for the nice update, just as i finished the historically accurate skins 😛 . So i will update them as well.
    Where can i send you the download link for the first bundle?


  3. Patrice Rodriguez says:

    Thx for your work !!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Good job man, you have done a great job!


  5. Danielle de Luca says:

    Fantastic job guys

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Mark says:

    I’m trying to find the link to download the Mk2 escort, standard and rally version but can’t seem to see it.
    Could you attach a link for the latest car download.
    Idid have it last year but deleted by mistake, its a great little car.



  7. Horst Peter says:

    at first, great car my friend … i love it 😉
    but could u please change the tyres.ini ??? the tyre app wont work that way !!! would be nice 🙂
    like this here, but its equal if medium or hard is on top …


  8. Edouard Lecluse says:

    Hi I’ve got 2 skins for the Escort Gr5 :Terzi Preparazione and Weisberg Werkzeuge how can I send them to you .Thanks for reading


  9. jerry090460 says:

    Thanks for the update !

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Fanapryde says:

    Just tried both Zakspeeds. i love the Capri, but the Escort has a very faint engine sound. From about 70km/h the transmission whine is louder than the engine.
    I have the latest (I think) sound fix installed. I followed a tip about removing the guid file, but that did not help, even made it impossible to get on track with the car.
    Any ideas how I can fix this ?


  11. Fanapryde says:

    Would a zipped log file be of any help ?
    I posted that in the AC forum, but someone told me I’d better ask the developer about the issue..


    • Sovers says:

      Well, then I don’t know what’s going on, I’ve take a look in the logs and I can’t see nothing that can explain your problem.

      Let’s wait to see if someone else report a similar problem.

      Unfortunately the physics guys just vanished more than a year ago and I haven’t contacted KitrinosKat (the sound maker) in a while, so it’s unlikely to have an update any time son 😦

      * It’s useless to post this kind of error about mods in the official forums, they don’t give support to mods.

      * I have nothing to do with that zakspeed capri


      • Fanapryde says:

        Thanks for the effort anyway !
        Shame really, I love that little Escort, but the lack of engine noise spoils the immersion…
        My bad about the Capri, I thought it came from the same nest. 🙂


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