Zakspeed Escort GR.5 DRM Download (Update v0.3)


################24/11 – IMPORTANT NOTE:###################

Seems to be all sorted for now, the car was removed from that site. Beware if any site try to sell this mod. This is the only place authorized to distribute this, and all sites/youtube/whatever must link this blog.


Hi there!

When I released the car, my main goals was get some help in physics and sound and see the repercussion out there. Well, it worked. Very well. Plus I really felt surprised with the huge amount of page views and coverage about it, I mean, I’m completely new to sim racing (play GTR with a keyboard doesn’t count :P) and took some time to understand the importance in appear featured in some major sim-racing sites. No, I don’t feel like a Rock Star.

I’m very happy with the receptiveness and I hope you guys will enjoy it much more with the new physics and sounds made by Po Linii mod Team and KitrinosKat respectively, this guys did a amazing job here. I really liked it. I must leave here my big thanks and gratitude. And once again a big thanks to people who donated something, you guys make me cry go ahead! 😛

Oh yes, just for the record, now we have a new domain and G+ Page too 😀 (*currently in tests)(* still working, bookmarks update are not needed)
Gloogle plus page

If you have any suggestions, doubts, requests or just want to say thanks leave a comment. Just don’t ask for more cars


Joshkerr – Marlboro, Monster_Energy (B/W), Guinness, Jägermeister, LiquiMoly_White
Orbit4L – Zakspeed_Mampe_HHeyer
Wilmer Chavez – Ford_Gulf_Racing, Zakspeed_Mampe_1, Zakspeed_Mampe_2

Po Linii Mod Team


Know issues/ TODO:

– Transparency sorting (glass)
– Not entirely happy with the damage (not final)
– Proper and unique interior model for turbo version (the N/A interior is ok, just need some more polishment)
– Interior materials still wip
– No lod models
– No Lowres interior model
– I’ll update this list when I remember the rest of the things


Alpha 0.3 (big update)

– New sounds
– New differential model and texture
– New dampers and springs models (still wip)
– Various interior materials improvements (still wip)
– Glass damage
– Interior models changes (still wip)
– New car cameras

Physics – NA/TURBO by

1.Complete new engine:
-new power.lut curve for NA and Turbo variant,
-new engine file with implemented damage for NA and Turbo. Now you can over rev the engine,
-boost power regulator for Turbo engine,
-new front and rear suspension. For now rear have a DWB suspension but when live axle comes out we will make an update for this,
-new dumpers, travel ranges, caster, etc.
-new wheel rates and ARB rates,
-new CD, CL for body, front and rear wings. Correct downforce areas,
-New gear ratios for NA and turbo variant.
-Added realistic Final drives.
-Added realistic diff locks
5.Basic car data:
-New dimensions of the car.
-New CG and fuel tank positions.
-New weight for NA and Turbo.
-New Torque and power curve for UI.
-Corrected steer ratio/steer lock values.
6.Scratch made DRM tires:
-new slip angles,
-new tire spring rates,
-recalculated inertias,
-new grip levels,
-new wear and temperature curves,
-new resistance levels,
-new relaxation lengths,
-new flexes and camber effects,
-new temperature and pressure grip effects

Alpha v0.2
– First public release
– Suspension adjustments
Alpha v0.13 closed beta
– Integrated and fixed all skins
– Fixed driver view position
– Added vintage tires
– Suspension adjustments
– Car total mass adjustments
– Turbo adjustments
– Some 3d model adjustments
Alpha v0.12 closed beta
– Uv fix
– Damage
Alpha v0.11 closed beta
– Changed uv layout
– Changed tire physics
– First damage tests
– New front model
– New head light textures
– New Muffler textures
– Fixed tail lights texture
– worked on interior materials
– Some interior models changes
– Changed number on castrol black livery
Alpha v0.1
– Initial closed beta release


Download link  See the latest version

Skin templates: link (still the same)


About Sovers

Freelancer 3D artist.
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61 Responses to Zakspeed Escort GR.5 DRM Download (Update v0.3)

  1. jerry090460 says:

    Thanks Sovers for the fantastic update !


  2. Patrice Rodriguez says:

    Thanks a lot !!!


  3. Patrice Rodriguez says:

    Not a criticism, but what a loss of power for the turbo version !!! 😦
    Where are the soft tyres???
    The dampers are not adjustable, is this normal??
    Was it like that in reality in DRM GR5??
    The car is now a way easier to drive, less of fun.
    The sounds are absolutely marvellous


    • Sovers says:

      Thats true Patrice, engine damage, more realistic downforce, no more modern tires, no adjustable dampers and the power is about 240-460 hp. With default turbo pressure the power is 380 hp. All to approach more realism, the old version was about 735 hp, waaaay overpowered. Maybe by popular demand we can think in a S3 version IDK, we’ll see.


  4. Edouard Lecluse says:

    Thanks for the update.Did you get my skins for the Escort MkII Gr4?


  5. Chris says:

    Excellent update, much more believable now. On the mediums it does seem very easy to drive, but the hards make things more interesting. sounds are pretty good but when compared to this video: i guess it could be a lot more aggressive. Backfire sound in replay cam is a little artificial sounding. Engine damage icon flashes immediately if you touch the redline for a moment, not sure if its actually doing damage but seems a little odd.

    Overall very very nice, keep up the great work


    • Sovers says:

      Hi Chris, thanks! The engine damage is taken in a little over revs, 9400 if I remember well. In the turbo the damage begins in 70% of the pressure. Thanks for the sound feedback, we’ll look at it.


      • Chris says:

        Nice one, sounds good. one other small comment, the UI icon for the car, it would be nice if it had a black background like the kunos cars so that you can see if you have the turbo version selected or not easily. i think there is a custom showroom and instructions on how to do this

        had some fun racing with AI at nords with this just now, is the windshield glass configured correctly? something felt a bit off about the lighting



      • Sovers says:

        Hi Chris,
        About the UI icon, it’s temporary, there’s no official way to do it atm. I’m aware of the black showroom, but according to my tests it completely kills all the car reflections and make it uglier.

        About the windshield you can describe it some more? ATM it lacks the “default” reflections effect when you are facing the sun, I don’t find anything else wrong with it, but I’ll double check.


  6. MR_Boo says:

    Excellent work Sovers. You are doing us a great service bringing us these iconic cars.
    It is good your cars are as realistic as possible, but I do think a mad super turbo s3 version would be good for those times when i don’t want to be too serious on the track. 😉


  7. Ray says:

    This latest update v 0.3 is fantastic , and the sound is just bliss ! , I can`t wait for the Capri to be released , excellent work fella !!


  8. SpriGgy says:!zakspeedescort/c225r
    Pls Look what this russian Asshole is pulling of. He is Stealing your Work. Hes Not only Stealing your Work.


    • Sovers says:

      Son of a bi**h! All the limits were broken today. I don’t even know how to react to this… I must calm down first and think what to do. 😦

      Thanks SpriGgy for let me know.


      • SpriGgy says:

        Already started an Paypal investigation. This can get bad for him. Also you could bust him for that. There are also Modders from our Board, whose work was stolen. You can send me an E-Mail with Informations about Origin of your Mod and Prove about your work. I will convey it as evidence to paypal as well.

        Liked by 1 person

      • SpriGgy says:

        Or you write to Paypal yourself about it. As you are one of their legal Service Users. Maybe thats more effective.

        Liked by 1 person

      • rht says:

        I`ve just emailed this arsehole and told him to get your mods off his site now , fucking cheeky bastard , that`s well out of order !!

        Liked by 1 person

  9. bernard says:

    thanks Sovers
    very good work again although I prefer the feeling of the v0.2 (this 0.3 too easy, less personality)
    i have lost the “shaking” car on the brakes 🙂 and the sound of power is became softer
    nevermind i love it anyway
    thanks again

    Liked by 1 person

  10. shc9975 says:

    Thank you for update and.. yeah that russian guys are being stupid as hell.

    I wonder what the hell they are thinking about.

    I got a chance to try some of their cars (mostly illegally converted) and it sucks bad as hell.


    Liked by 1 person

  11. Patrice Rodriguez says:

    Shame, shame on him.
    Sell an excellent free mod made by someone else.
    A new step is crossed in human behavior.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Ray ... says:

    This arsehole replied to my email saying , other people put his models on other websites ! , cheeky bastard his models has all been ripped form other games in the first place ! , that site needs shutting down asap , gonna email the host and tell them about this twat !

    Liked by 1 person

  13. slowcaptain says:

    YES!!! The Russian deleted zakspeed at their site. !! nice

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Ray ... says:

    I told him to do that and to make a public apology as well , lets see if he does ??

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Patrice Rodriguez says:

    A good exemple that a good community can protect your work !!!!
    Thx to Brownninja97 and all his friends.

    Liked by 2 people

  16. SpriGgy says:

    You guys are stupid. It would have been good evidence against him, to shut his site down and get him blocked from paypal for all time.


    • SpriGgy says:

      He will just continue and sell other Peoples Mods then.


    • Ray ... says:

      So do it then , as the other mods on there are from other games , what pissed me off and others was the fact he started to nick mods from guys on the forums ! and that is not on !
      You would never get him blocked from paypal, all he would need to do is setup an account using a friend ! , But good luck getting his website and paypal banned , pop back and let us all know when your`ve done it ????


  17. SpriGgy says:

    He reupped his Zackspeed again lol. And a Modder from us wrote him again, and his answer was kinda, you converted most of it from another game anyways. Kinda makes it Ok for him to sell his work.
    Als the Le Mans Pack for example are all cars converted from rfactor and Co, arent even good and use AC sounds and are all awaible for free but i dont know who converted it.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Sovers says:

    Thank you guys for the support!
    I already took some providences, we’ll see the result. Seems he don’t giving a shit about it, but on the bright side the majority of people already know what he is doing.


  19. vixo says:

    Hi , first of all congratulations for yr work , second … those guys deserves all the shit is going to happen , third .. i downloaded some of yr stuff , unfortunately now I am broke and I can’t afford any donation ( my card have 0 on it ) but I hope to do it as soon as possible , wish you the best .


  20. vixo says:

    hey , do u wanna laugh/cry ? today aspec7878 added the Brabham BT44 on selling ( I think belongs to Smallblockhero ) . someone should do something very definitive against those guys .


  21. SpriGgy says:

    I need as many People as possible who reports this Aspecs Guys shop trough their paypal for treacherous behaviour and illegal content. This helps in shutting his account down.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Rolf Kazamba says:

    On the Escort:
    First of all I really love those new sounds – they’re phenomenal!
    I also appreciate the physics updates. But I am sure that the car has too much grip and downforce. It is easily possible to match a 7’30 at Snoopy’s Ring (which makes it faster than some of the modern racing cars)… it is also nearly impossible to get power oversteering while hotlapping and it is really difficult to get the tires spinning when starting… I think the Turbo should easily make the car loose grip… even at 60 or 70%. 😉

    Just have a look on this video… and you will see many slides and lots of unstable driving.

    Though, I’m sure that pysics are already great… it’s more like a question of entered values, I guess. 😉


    • Sovers says:

      Thanks for the feedback 😉


      • Rolf Kazamba says:

        You’re welcome, mate/guys. Trying it out has been a great pleasure. 🙂 I really love your work, it clearly has the potential to become epic and is already close to head to head with the amazing work of e.g. Vampire, meco or Patrick Marek. 🙂 I’m looking forward for the next updates and for your other projects. 🙂 Mods like yours make AC the product to chose in the post-rf1-era. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  23. Maartijmm Ekstrom says:

    Google translater:

    Thank you for fantastic initiative to model so awesome cars!
    I am not able to download the version Zakspeed Escort gr.5 DRM (Update v0.3). What happens?
    Thank you,

    Maartijmm E.

    Obrigado pela fantástica iniciativa de modelar carros tão incríveis!
    Não estou conseguindo fazer download da versão Zakspeed Escort Gr.5 DRM (Atualização v0.3). O que acontece?

    Maartijmm E.


  24. Maartijmm Ekstrom says:

    No, I’m Brazilian but even with European ancestors.
    As for the car, speechless. Fantastico! Wonderful!
    Thanks again!

    Maartijmm E.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Rolf Kazamba says:

    Gotta confess that I’ve underestimated this little rocket a bit… did some research and here’s my result. 😉

    When Bellof did is amazing and outstanding 6’11 on the new 20km layout in 1983, a M1 (non Group 5!) managed to do a 7’30. A pretty similar M1 did a 8’21 on the old layout with its 22km and a Escort driven by Heyer (it’s exactely the one you have done, if I’m right :-)) did it in 8’00 in 1978… which is amazingly fast!

    Therefore it is pretty likely that your Escort Turbo should be able to do the new Ring’s layout in under 7’30. Maybe even the record on RSR (about 7mins, if I remember it right) is nearly realistic.
    One should keep in mind that there is no info on if the M1 has been blocked by slower cars or on how the weather conditions were, though.

    That being said I’d recommend to lower the mechanical grip and the downforce a bit. I’d say it wouldn’t make the car much slower on the Ring but give us a more challenging experience. 🙂

    It’s all just my two cents, though. 😉

    1983 Qualy:
    1982 Qualy:
    1978 Qualy:

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Ray ... says:

    Hi Solvers ….
    Any news on the Zakspeed Capri fella ??


    • Sovers says:

      Ray, nothing for now, I’m busy with real life things lately and I’ve been refining some bits on Zak Escort too.


      • Ray ... says:

        Thanks for the reply fella , your Escort is amazing , what a great job , so I can`t wait for the Capri , lol . Sorry about your Escort being nicked and put on that Russian site , I did email him and told him is was talking the piss and to get it off NOW , cheeky git .
        Anyway mate keep up the great work and roll on the release of the Capri …

        Ray ….

        Liked by 1 person

  27. I love the update! This car is SOOO much fun to drive now.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Sammy says:

    The mod doesn’t work for me.

    It loads the car into the game, but then it spends some time on validating setup like 4-8seconds (u know, the button u have to press to drive), and then says invalid setup, i honestly don’t know how to make it work.

    Help would be appreciated.


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